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    Modelo Cowboy Hat

    $ 33.50

    Modelo Cowboy Hat is a stunning-looking hat in white color with a black border and printing of Modelo box that signifies your love for the Modelo beer. The hat is handcrafted in Texas from the cardboard box of Modelo beers and shines bright on its wearer’s head. The Modelo Cowboy Hat comes in one size. One size fits all as it has an inner lining with 2-inch elastic stitching. Also, don’t worry about the thread, as the quality is not compromised. Not to forget, it comes with weather protection. A hat with lots of goodies looks best on people, and you can take eye-catching selfies with it. Try it today.


    • Premium handcraftsmanship
    • The use of durable material makes it robust
    • Weatherproof

    Click Here To Buy Now @ etsy.com


    Cowboy up with these eye-popping Redneck Beer Hats. If you wear this hat you must be prepared for the attention of every person at the BAR, CONCERT, RACE or RODEO.

    Disclaimer: These products are not produced under license or with the authorization of Anheuser-Busch.


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