Is it okay to wear a cowboy hat – Read this before buying a cowboy hat

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The cowboy attire is cool, isn’t it? The hat especially has a certain appeal to it and that’s why most of us want to own it as well.

While that’s completely okay, you must understand that it a very personal thing for a cowboy and should not be disrespected. It is also usually quite expensive and not something that you should share, pass around, or forget about in a corner. In this article, we shall speak about the legendary cowboy hat and its wearing etiquette. 

Is it okay to wear a cowboy hat?

The cowboy hat is a part of the “uniform” of someone who lives in a ranch and takes care of cattle or horses. But thankfully, you don’t have to be in that profession to buy the hat. You can totally wear a cowboy hat even if you are not a cowboy.

But – yes, there’s a but – you have to be careful. You must learn about the etiquette.

Cowboy hat etiquette

  • Remove the hat when you enter a building.
  • It is only right for informal occasions. Do not wear your cowboy hat for formal occasions.
  • Take the hat off before sitting down for a meal. However, if you are at the counter or if you have no place to put the hat, you can continue wearing it.
  • Remove the hat when you begin a conversation.
  • To adjust the hat, use its crown.
  • No one should be able to see the inside of the hat.
  • Do not touch another person’s cowboy hat.
  • While storing it, place it upside down to let it air out.

We have enlisted a few FAQs regarding this so that you are fully aware of what you are signing up for. 


1. Can I wear a cowboy hat if I am not a cowboy?

As answered above, yes. 

2. How to wear a cowboy hat correctly

  • Adjust your hair especially if you have long hair.
  • Check to see if your cowboy hat has a bow in the lining. This bow should be at the back of your head. If it doesn’t have a bow, then wear it such that the narrower part is towards the front.
  • Tilt the hat’s front slightly so that it doesn’t obstruct your view.

3. How to hold the cowboy hat

You should always hold the hat by its crown and in such a way that the lining is not visible.

4. What if the cowboy hat is too large?

It will blow away. Always refer to a standard sizing chart before buying a cowboy hat. Anything large or small will be inconvenient and funny to look at.

5. Can I keep the hat on while eating?

Only if you are at a fast food center or at the counter. If you are sitting down to eat, the hat needs to come off.

Wearing cowboy hats is fun and fashionable but it also calls for responsibility. You should never disrespect it or take it lightly. Flaunt it the right way!