9 Types of Cowboy Hats – What is the Difference?

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You can tell a true cowboy by the type of horse he rides and the hat he wears. Western fashion has a huge influence on cowboy hats, and several types of hats have been created for over 150 years. The evolution from 1865’s original Vaqueros to present designs is vast, and nowadays, hats are worn for multiple reasons as well. Here in this article, I will be presenting types of cowboy hats and what are the slightest differences among each other. 

Types of Cowboy Hats

To understand the types of hats, you need to know that these are made up of one of two materials, i.e., straw or felt. These materials have individual benefits and functions. Usually, straw is worn for summers whereas felt for winters. No such rules apply, but you can always listen to your heart and pick your choice.

Here’s a simple representation of the different types of cowboy hats

TypeImageUnique Feature
CattlemanCattlemanIt has a dented crown with curled brim
Pinched FrontPinched FrontIt has a V-shaped crown on top and two pinches on the front side
BrickBrickIt is similar to cattle with a square crown in front.
GusGusIt has a puffed high crown that slopes in front and has three deep dimples in the center.
Open CrownOpen CrownIt is a no-dimple hat with a properly-rounded shape.
GamblerGamblerIt has a flat crown with a wide brim and an edgy look.
Tom MixTom MixIt is similar to Gus’s hat but has an oversized crown.
DerbyDerbyIt has an up-curled brim with a smooth round crown on top.
AmishAmishIt has a flat brim with a flat crown and good length.

Now that you have a clear difference between the cowboy hats, make sure to pick a hat that suits your taste and the horse you ride. Not every hat is suitable for riding a particular horse. If you need to know more about hats or have any queries, hit your questions in the comment section below. Stay tuned for such interesting topics.