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    Cowboy Hat Rack

    $ 30.00

    • It is from the original collections of Christoper and made in the USA. 
    • It is coated with steel and powder along with gold stars decorations to make it look more fascinating. 
    • It has holders that can carry four hats easily. 
    • The hat rack holder preserves the shape of the hat and keeps it protected. 
    • The quality of the hat rack is durable and strong.  
    • This American made cowboy hat hanger can fit in every taste of people. 
    • It comes in a natural brown polished color that goes with all the combination of wall art. 
    • It is made of 20 gauge power and is only available on special sale. 
    • It can be disassembled whenever in need and can be packed in a simple box while traveling. 
    • The steel handler prevents rust and keeps the piece usable for years.  

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