The “case” for Cowboy Beer Box Hats

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All right, it’s true. We’re havin’ a little fun with the word “case,” being that our 100% authentic, original Cowboy Beer Box Hats are made from the actual cases your favorite brand of brew is packaged in.

And that’s really the whole point! Nothing starts a conversation faster than a bit of classic headgear fabricated from the case of just about any cowboy’s favorite beverage (aside from range boiled coffee when on the trail maybe).

Cowboy Beer Box Hats are Fun and Practical

Without a doubt, there’s likely fun, food and maybe a tasty beverage or two to be found in the vicinity of a guy or gal with the good sense and the good humor to sport one of our original Redneck cowboy beer box hats, and they’re just as practical as cowboy hat made out of a more traditional material too.

You can get one of our quality, original Redneck Beer Hats featuring many popular beer brands and we have them available in soft drink versions too. So, take a look and be amused andamazed at the styles on offer, and help make the “case” for Cowboy Beer Box Hats too. Thanks for stopping by!