Beer Hats for Every Occasion

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There’s just something about a beer box hat, sporting the familiar image of folk’s favorite brewed beverage, that just seems to work a little bit of magic and get people’s attention — in the absolute right way of course!

Yup, there’s just a touch of redneck magic that goes into each one of our handmade cowboy style beer box hats that tells simpatico brethren (and the ladies too) that you like your beer and you’re proud to tell everyone just that.

Unique, Quality Beer Hats for Every Occasion!

You know you want one! An original Redneck beer hat is just one of those things that you may not need as much a food and water, but it’s pretty close!

Well, OK, that may be a bit of exaggeration, but if you’re looking for a unique, stylish and downright fun item to be a great conversation starter (and also do a great job of keeping that durned sun out of your eyes, a hand made, 100% original Redneck Beer Hat is just the ticket.

Each of our Redneck beer hats starts out as an actual beer can case, and they’re available in just about all the most popular beer brands, as well as soda pop versions, which you can check out here.

So, aside from the opera (and are you really planning on going to the opera? I know I’m not!) these beer hats are perfect for every occasion. Get yours today and start getting the attention you deserve as a proud owner of a Redneck beer hat.