Beer Box Hats are Redneck Magic

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There’s just something about a beer box hat, sporting the familiar image of folk’s favorite brewed beverage, that just seems to work a little bit of magic and get people’s attention — in the absolute right way of course!

Yup, there’s just a touch of redneck magic that goes into each one of our handmade cowboy style beer box hats that tells simpatico brethren (and the ladies too) that you like your beer and you’re proud to tell everyone just that.

Original, High Quality Beer Box Hats Get Noticed!

An authentic, original Redneck beer box hat is just the ticket for those occasions (and you know what they are) where you want to have a ‘lil bit of fun, and also, keep the darned sun out of your eyes. Indeed, our beer box hats serve all purposes of a regular cowboy style hat, just with a bit more style that’s sure to get noticed.

We offer our original Redneck beer box hats in a variety of styles, including popular beer brands and soda pop styles too! So, check ’em out, and be the first one of your friends to sport this proud all American head cover.