How to Make a Beer Case Cowboy Hat

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Beer case cowboy hats are now available in novelty stores, gift shops and online retailers. However, if you wish to make your own version of it and create something that would match your style, we’d be glad to guide you through the process. Don’t worry, creating one is fairly easy.

Now, follow these simple instructions and be ready to create your own beer case cowboy hat.

How to Make a Beer Case Cowboy Hat

  1. To create a beer case cowboy hat, unfold at least three beer boxes and lay them on a flat surface. Draw an oval on one of the boxes. Its circumference should be the same size as your head. Then, cut it out.
  2. Use the second beer box to mark a strip. The strip must be around 8 inches tall. After this, wrap the strip into a tube. Overlap about an inch and have it secured with a stapler.
  3. Cut about an inch slits on the top and bottom area of the tube. Fold the top slits inward. Get the oval shape that you prepared earlier and secure it with a tape to create the top of the beer case cowboy hat.
  4. Get the third box. Lay the top of the hat over it and trace it. Draw a bigger circle, with at least six inches difference from the first one. Cut the inner and outer circles and you’ll be left with a halo shape. Attach the top of the hat to the halo shape you just created and secure it using a stapler.
  5. Roll the side of the hat towards the center to finalize your beer case cowboy hat.

Creating this hat is easy. However, if you don’t have time to create one for yourself or if you wish to have a more durable and stylish hat, you are free to check out our site for a wide selection of beer case cowboy hats.